Fly prevention is always better than trying to get rid of them using chemical pest control products that are not only dangerous but don’t work that well. Spalding Labs offers a better solution to the problem: the fly parasite that is capable of providing an environment that is almost completely free of flies. Boy would that be nice to be free of flies!!

The majority of people don’t give flies a thought until they are already bothered by fly infestation, but the best time to begin working on fly control is before they have grown into adult flies. All that is necessary is releasing a bag of fly predators in all areas where there is an accumulation of horse waste as soon as the weather begins to get warmer. In this way you will be able to prevent any critical fly infestation. After the initial application you only need to continue sprinkling the predators on a regular basis throughout the summer to keep your fly population to a manageable level. Yuck horse manure, get those predators!

It only takes a few minutes every few weeks to release more of the fly predators near any of those areas where there is an accumulation of horse manure or rotting organic material.  Don’t worry about needing to release them right onto the material because they can travel up to 150 feet from where you release them.

You must be frustrated with having to constantly spray your horses with pesticides. You may also be worried about using larvicides in your horses’ feed. According to Spalding Labs nearly all of the sprays on the market are nothing more than repellents that will only treat the fly problem for a short period of time. It will only be a few hours before the flies will be right back to bother your horses again. On the other hand organic pest control such as the fly parasite ensures the flies stay away permanently and are safe to use around your horses. You don’t have to worry about any side effects when you release the predators. As proof of the difference between chemical pest control products and using fly predators, read the caution label on any of the products you are using now—it’s enough to scare you into switching to organic pest control products! The distributor has been selling these tiny fly parasites commercially for thirty five years without any reports of adverse effects related to these beneficial insects. Do you know of any chemical pest control products that can make the same claim?

The recommendation of Spalding Labs is approximately 1,000 predators for each large animal you have on your property for every three to four month period during the hottest times of the year. The cost is extremely affordable and can range from under $2/thousand to $3/thousand contingent upon how many you need to order. When you figure how much you currently pay for other types of fly control products, you will probably discover you are saving a great deal of money for fly prevention and control compared to your previous costs. Many people who have started using this method of fly control say it is the cheapest method they have ever used for keep flies under control. I like saving money for pest control.

What many people find when they first begin using these predators for fly prevention is they become spoiled and grow accustomed to not having a fly infestation on their properties. This makes it very difficult for them to even think about having to tolerate them again. Once they learn how easy and inexpensive it is to use these beneficial insects, they absolutely refuse to return to the methods they used to use such as those annoying contraptions and expensive chemical products that didn’t really work anyway. You will discover that more horse owners use beneficial insects to protect their horses from flies than any other method of biological control available in the current commercial market.

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